How Do You Know How Much Solar You Need In Your Camper Conversion.

October 29, 2018 0 Comments

Author Paved to Pines / Solar Power FAQ / Published: October-05-2018 / Information From GPelectric - Our Main Solar Provider

Well, what kind of camper are you?


Just the essentials
(DC power only)

Your battery will power lights, fans and other DC appliances.

Your Solar will help to ensure a healthy battery charge and extends battery life up to 50%!

Weekend Warrior

Camping with comfort
(AC/DC power)

Your Solar and inverter systems provide clean, quiet power enabling you the freedom to camp off-grid with the ability to run TVs, coffee makers and other AC powered devices.

Off-Grid Lifestyle

Full-time camping
with back up power
(AC/DC power)

Solar and inverter systems allow for long-term, generator-free RVing with all the comforts of home.

What the hell are AC and DC... Isn't that a band?

Well you are right.... It is a band, a dam good band at that.

BUT, unfortunately, cranking Thunderstruck wont charge, install, or increase your knowledge of your future solar system.

Here's an easy way to understand what you need!

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So where can you get outfitted with the proper solar gear?

Just click the kit that you're interested in!

Solar Kits (DC ONLY) - Our solar kits are expandable so they can grow with you and your solar needs with easy installation.

    Complete Solar (DC) & Inverter (AC) Kits - Our complete Solar Packages integrate with your conversion or RVs electrical system and are as simple as the press of a button once installed.

    Low power draw, 1-4 battery bank:

    • RETREAT Solar Kit (100 watts) - Perfect for keeping your battery topped up and light 12v usage (small LED lights, phone chargers).

    Medium power draw, 2-4 battery bank:

    High power draw, 4+ battery bank:

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