The All New 2023 Ford Transit Trail Makes The Perfect Van Conversion Chassis

Ford Transit Trail Conversions Canada

With Ford coming out of the gate hot in 2020 unveiling their new AWD model, it took the van conversion market by storm. Dominated by Sprinter vans, Ford is not making it easy on Mercedes to keep the top seat in the outdoor adventure vehicle kingdom. Of course, when it comes to vehicles, there are evangelists for each and every brand. There are even some people that prefer the look of the Promasters to other vans... No offence Dodge but... come on.

By the way... if you're interested in an in-depth comparison, we compare all three of these vans in a head to head battle in our article here:

Whats the best van? - Sprinter vs Transit vs Promaster - Van Conversion Comparison Guide

sprinter vs transit vs promaster

We're huge fans of the Ford Transit camper vans for a variety of reasons but Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans come in as a close second.

Annual Sprinter Van Sales Versus Ford Transit Sales

These figures represent sales in the United States only.

Year Ford Mercedes
2019 153,867 29,757
2020 131,557 37,513
2021 99,745 40,534
2022 78,996 (as of November 1)
36,533 (as of October 1)

Overall, and despite the merciless Mercedes lovers (we love sprinters too, don't hate us) Ford dominates the local market in the United States for gross commercial van sales. However, as Fords sales have been dwindling, the Sprinter van sales have been increasing year over year.

Looking to take back a larger chunk of the commercial cargo van pie, Ford is now doing something that neither Dodge or Mercedes have done yet.

Ford is now targeting the RV and campervan market

Right out of the gate, the Ford Transit Trail is sporting a 3.5" lift kit and a wider track width to get your butt off the ground and into the wild. 

They must be scrolling through instagram and seeing all of their Transits with the awful factory alloy rims being replaced with everyones favourite Black Rhino Rims because they've standardized the 16" black alloy wheels. Surrounding the rims and taking you further are some big 30.5" Goodyear Wrangler Workhorse All-Terrain tires they suggest can take you further and offer more stability for rugged terrain.


Transit Campervan Black Rhino Rims

Ford Transit Trail Engine & Standard Accessories

Of course, under the hood, they've included their signature 3.5L Ecoboost V6 engine.

These engines come in with 310 horsepower @ 5000 RPMs and 400 LB - FT of torque at 2500 RPM.

10 speed transmission with a new option to select from FIVE different driving modes. I can only assume this will be similar to some of their other models which sport these five modes.

- Normal

- Sand

- Wet/Slippery/Snow

- Eco

- Sport

Like their new acronym of G.O.A.T. "Goes Over Any Terrain"

All Wheel Drive, All the Time

We've heard nothing but ranting and raving from our Ford Transit van conversion clients. They absolutely love their eco boot and they love their AWD. It just gives you that extra bit of confidence, even on highways, we love that feeling up here in the cold cold Canadian climate. It's a good switch up from riding our Polar Bears.

I can hear the Mercedes folks saying Ecoboost? Pfft... I want my 6 Cylinder Diesel. We know, we love those and you too. But this article is about Fords new Trail van. If you want to read all of the things we love about Sprinters, Promasters, and Transits in their own way, read our van comparison blog here.

You can't tell me they haven't done their market research when you look at these.

Aftermarket Accessories? Now They're Add-ons at the Factory

What used to cost an arm and a leg now comes from the factory. Ford has started to include options like rock guards and side steps, wheel well liners, skid plate, splash guards, cladding and rugged exterior trim kits to give your van a badass look right from the factory.

Campervan rock slider side steps

What's your take? Are you ordering a Ford Transit Trail for your van conversion?

Let us know in the comments what your first thoughts are!

Are you interested in more details from us when they are released?

As always, contact us if you are looking for your very own van conversion. We have vans in stock and time slots available for 2023.

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