transit bus conversion

Transit bus conversion

20' Transit bus - The beach house

About The Beach House

This little bus conversion is a perfect little weekend getaway rig. With enough space to sleep 4, a small galley, and just enough power to get ya by, its the perfect spot to come back to after a day of adventuring.

The client wanted to keep it as simple as possible with the conversion but needed some luxurious amenities like a shower and composting toilet. With a young family these were mandatory in their skoolie!

The dinette can be used to eat, hangout, play cards then when you're ready to tuck away for the night, you can transform it into a sleeping area for two.

The bamboo countertop of the galley folds out and overtop of the driver side day bed to create extra counter space while cooking with the stove top, beautifully hidden under the counter.

This shower has a nice rainfall shower head setup hidden in the same area as the composting toilet!

At the back, the two day beds can pull right into each other to make a massive bed that might make this the biggest bed in a bus conversion! 



- Goal Zero Yeti
- Shore Power
- Alternator charging
- Truma hot water and heating system
- Shower
- Composting toilet
- Tank monitors

skoolie kitchen
Skoolie Dinette


- Double Day Bed
- Dinette/Bed
- Bamboo Butcher Block
- Brick accent wall
- 4 season climate control systems

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short skoolie conversion interior
Skoolie Dinette
Skoolie dinette bed
modern short bus conversion back to front photo
short skoolie conversion interior
skoolie kitchen
short school bus conversion bed
short skoolie conversion bed