Big Betty

40' School bus conversion

Big Betty

Big Betty the regular school bus had big dreams. Big dreams of being a skoolie home. With a new hair colour and a facelift, she's more than just a home. Big Betty is the most vibrant exterior we've seen here at Paved to Pines. Designed for full-time adventure, this school bus conversion has all the facilities your home would, thoughtfully packed into <300 sq ft of space.

With a little watermelon sugar paint job, and a rainbow rooftop deck, this skoolie is an eye catcher.

As you walk into the bus on the burnt pine flooring, you're greeted by two cozy day couches with a lemon lime cushion combo. Here the clients can sit and lounge with their two beagles to watch some TV after a long day next to the warmth of the wood burning stove from Cubic mini.

This school bus conversion is very bright and airy with the light wood patterns and white cabinetry. Yet with the edison light sconces and the wood burning stove it feels so cozy at the same time.

Walking into the kitchen, there's a tonne of storage for all the things you'd need to live full time. Not to mention it has a bigger and nicer sink than the one I have in my house! To cook in the bus, we have a convection oven and stovetop grill and a convection microwave. So you can cook pizza pops OR a thanksgiving turkey, whatever kinda mood you're in, this skoolies got ya covered.

Past the kitchen on the left you have a bunk bed that can be removed and turned into a reading nook. On the right, you have a nice sized bathroom that features an airhead composting toilet and a beautiful tile shower. We love a good tiled shower in a school bus conversion. 

I know what you're thinking, tile in a moving vehicle? Yes. Tile in a moving vehicle. We've never had issues with the tile breaking as we use flexible products that allow it to move freely with life on the road.

Finally, through the custom pine door, we have the bus bedroom with two massive storage compartments on either side of the entryway. 

The bedroom has some nice night-ledges and reading lights for the bedroom with charges on each side.

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