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What does a conversion cost?

For a bus/van conversion that you can live in full-time, off-grid, during North Americas variable 4 season weather, the price will come to, on average, between $80,000-$110,000 CDN for the interior modifications! This does not include the cost of the vehicle.
This comes to about $60,000-$80,000 USD so your hard earned US money is leveraged in Canada resulting in you getting thousands of dollars off your build price! Who can argue with that? We have a small brokerage fee to handle the paperwork necessary for crossing the border, which we handle, so your journey is smooth and seamless! (Roughly $1000)
This would include things like a complete electrical system, solar, hot water, cabin heat, cabinetry, insulation, fans, a small roof rack to carry solar panels, shower, composting toilet, and more.
If you're looking for something a lot more simplified without the bells and whistles or just some bells or some whistles, we can do that too. We're a custom van conversion and school bus conversion shop after all. Typically our conversions are starting in that $40,000 CAD range + the cost of the vehicle.
We use premium materials in each of our builds and stand behind a 1-year warranty on all products manufactured by us so you can be confident in your choice.

Do you have financing?

This is a complicated question. The short answer is maybe.

Canadian clients:
Van conversions: Yes we do, for Ford Transit van conversions, we can finance some of your build!
We are working on obtaining financing options for other van types. If you are looking for financing options, let us know in the notes.
You might require a down payment.

For school bus conversions in Canada, yes we do offer financing up to $50,000 with average rates of 10-15%. Your best bet is to contact your bank about an RV/home reno loan as this is successful for some clients.

USA clients: We don't currently have any in house financing options for the USA. This is something we are constantly looking into but as we are located in Canada, we cannot partner with USA banks. We have had some people have success with - their motto is financing for just about anything! haha.

Try lightstream or your bank and let us know what kind of information you get!

I don't live in canada… Can I still have a camper done by you?

Absolutely, we work with clients from all over the world.

In fact, USA residents prefer to convert in Canada due to the conversion rate. With the US Dollar being so strong in comparison, the conversion is much cheaper.

We can also bring your vehicle to our shop and drop it off to make the full process as convenient for you as possible.

What's the average build time?

The average custom van conversion or skoolie takes 2-4 months, depending on the complexity, as every build is custom made to your satisfaction.

Our current lineup is roughly one year out to start your build. This gives us plenty of time to get your 2D & 3D layouts drawn up and find you the perfect vehicle for your custom conversion!

What Kind of cool stuff can i have in my conversion?

The options are really unlimited from design options to additional luxuries.

  • Custom cabinetry and storage
  • Solar Power
  • Fully plumbed systems & showers
  • Awnings
  • Roof racks
  • Audio upgrade/entertainment systems
  • Bunk beds
  • Roof top decks
  • Additional belly storage
  • Roof raises/pop-tops
  • Toy & gear haulers
  • Heating, air conditioners & fans
  • Full Kitchens (full sized fridges, ovens
  • and more.

If you can dream it, let's make it happen!

Why would I buy an old bus/van and convert it?

It doesn't have to be an old vehicle, we convert new vans and buses as well.

We will convert (almost) anything you bring us as long as it runs well and will last you a long time! The last thing we want to do is build you your dream camper and have the vehicle give you nothing but troubles.

This is why we can help you find a vehicle!

Some major things to keep an eye out for when buying used buses:

150,000-200,000km is best. The lower the better, obviously.

Cummins engine

Alison Transmission


High roof so you can stand (unless you plan on a roof raise)

We generally find that be can find suitable buses within this range for $10,000-$15,000 CDN

Stay away from auctions (for the most part).

ALWAYS get a vehicle inspected before you buy anything.

Some good sites to check out:


We can help procure a vehicle for you once a deposit is made if you do choose that you'll be converting with Paved To Pines!

Searching for the right van? Check out our blog here.

Where do i find a vehicle?

We can help you find the vehicle/find one for you!

We have developed great partnerships to provide well maintained new and used vans and buses!

We can even pick your vehicle up and deliver it if that makes your life easier.

If you want to see a comparison for the three most popular vans for van conversions, click here!

We go in detail comparing Sprinter Vans, Promaster Vans, and Transit Vans.

Do you do the mechanical work?

Our shop does NOT touch the mechanical work on the vehicle, that includes suspension lifts etc.

We contract out the mechanical work with people that we know and trust to do the work properly so you are 100% satisfied with the conversion/mechanical work that needs to be done.

These layouts seem complex, can you plan it all for me?

We can literally handle everything for you from the sourcing of the vehicle, to the planning of the layouts, to the delivery of the vehicle!

You can also be as hands on as you want from bringing us the vehicle, to giving us a layout (or ideas) to make happen to picking up the vehicle!

We go into deep detail during your camper conversion onboarding sessions. We create a 2D floorplan to give you a birds eye view of what your conversion going to look like.

When that's approved, we do a 3D conversion to put you into the space visually. This ensures we're on the same page about everything and no detail is overlooked for your custom conversion