Green machine - school bus conversion

When you walk into this gorgeous converted school bus (AKA a Skoolie), you can't help but look at the inviting Cubic Mini Wood Stove. They are perfect for a school bus or van conversion, don't let their small nature fool you... These things burn hot and warm up your conversion to perfect cozy temperatures.

Right inside the door of the Bus Conversion is a beautiful sectional couch plopped right beside the Cubic Mini, it's not hard to imagine yourself curled up into a ball reading your favourite book or watching a your favourite movie on the custom TV mount (behind the camera).

In this photo, the sectional is pulled out to form the secondary guest bed, AKA the comfiest couch ever. We handmade the cushions in-house (and maybe had a nap on it) so we know thats a true statement!

Looking to the back of the bus conversion, you really get a sense of the cabin vibe our client was envisioning. Using a Pecan colored MinWax Polyshade stain on the wood and tying it together with a nice Jade Dragon green, really makes this feel like your perfect home away from home.

Side note: how about that custom A/C unit cover, we love it!

Ahhh yes, what does a kitchen look like in a school bus conversion you ask? Well, it looks darn beautiful. How perfect are these colors together?

The dark walnut stain really makes the butcher block counter top POP. With pop up butcher block planks on both sides of the kitchen for additional cutting/storage space while parked, you won't even miss your kitchen at home while you look out on a beautiful landscape while cooking a romantic dinner with your partner. (Alright, i'll stop dreaming and get back to the tour)

Looking back to the front of the Skoolie, you get a beautiful look at the front entertainment/relaxing area with the sectional couch and mini stove. From this view, you can also see where the TV will mount for Mike to watch his favourite movies and shows.

At the bottom right, you can see another dark walnut table on hinges, this folds up into your mobile office! Plenty of room to work on the road.

Writing this, I sure miss building this bus conversion, oh the memories!

"You're doing WHAT? Living in a converted school bus? Where do you shower!?"

Well... You shower in this beautiful cedar panelled shower with a skylight and maxxair fan because that's what dreams are made of.

View from the bedroom to the front of the skoolie

The bedroom in the skoolie, featuring surrouding windows and an amazing skylight right above the bed so you can look at the stars and wakeup to the sun




Why would I buy an old run-down school bus and convert it?

It doesn't have to be an old vehicle, we convert new vans and buses as well.

We will convert (almost) anything you bring us as long as it runs well and will last you a long time! The last thing we want to do is build you your dream camper and have the vehicle give you nothing but troubles.

Where do i find a vehicle?

We can help you find the vehicle/find one for you!

We have developed great partnerships to provide well maintained new and used vans and buses!

We can even pick your vehicle up and deliver it if that makes your life easier.

Do you do the mechanical work?

Our shop does NOT touch the mechanical work on the vehicle, that includes suspension lifts etc.

We contract out the mechanical work with people that we know and trust to do the work properly so you are 100% satisfied with the conversion/mechanical work that needs to be done.

I don't live anywhere near Saskatchewan… Can I still have a build done by you?

Absolutely, we work with clients from all over the world.

We can also bring your vehicle to our shop and drop it off to make the full process as convenient for you as possible.

What's the average build time?

The average build takes 2-4 months, depending on the complexity, as every build is custom made to your satisfaction.

These layouts seem complex, can you plan it all for me?

We can literally handle everything for you from the sourcing of the vehicle, to the planning of the layouts, to the delivery of the vehicle!

You can also be as hands on as you want from bringing us the vehicle, to giving us a layout (or ideas) to make happen to picking up the vehicle!

What Kind of cool stuff can i have in my conversion?

The options are really unlimited from design options to additional luxuries.

  • Custom cabinetry and storage
  • Solar Power
  • Fully plumbed systems & showers
  • Awnings
  • Roof racks
  • Audio upgrade/entertainment systems
  • Bunk beds
  • Roof top decks
  • Additional belly storage
  • Roof raises/pop-tops
  • Toy & gear haulers
  • Heating, air conditioners & fans
  • Full Kitchens (full sized fridges, ovens
  • and more.

If you can dream it, let's make it happen!