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Vehicle Upfitter

We are currently seeking a self-motivated, enthusiastic and reliable full-time vehicle upfitter in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

About the Company

Paved to Pines started as an idea between two college roommates and best buds, Mitchell Rosko and Steven Glass. They met playing college hockey in beautiful British Columbia in a city called Castlegar. The outdoor-focused Kootenay region and culture brought on our love of fishing, hiking, camping and everything else outdoors-related which inevitably led us to find out about Vanlife and Skoolie conversions.

"How cool would it be if we turned a School Bus into an RV?" was a conversation we often caught ourselves in during College."

Fast forward one year after College, Paved to Pines Co-Founder Steven, decided to make this a reality so he traded his motorcycle for a 1992 Blue Bird 40 Foot School Bus.

After countless weeknights and weekends building our first Skoolie (the DIY community knows what we're talking about), Judy was finally built and Steven was living the Skoolie life full-time!

Paved To Pines Inc is rapidly becoming a leading provider of custom-designed camperized vans and skoolies. We specialize in building custom vans, school buses, and cargos to fit a wide array of lifestyles. From a full-time traveler to weekend warriors, we build conversions to suit every type of adventure.


About the role

We are currently looking for a full-time upfitter to join our tight-knit, successful team. This position is responsible for the construction, installation, finishing, quality assurance, and function test of components and equipment installed in our vehicles.

Applicant must have experience working with hand tools, power tools (track saw, table saw, drill press, grinders, etc.), other shop equipment, and the ability to train on and implement new equipment. Broad mechanical and electrical knowledge, acute attention to detail, and a positive attitude are required. Paved To Pines Inc has a fun work atmosphere, unique company culture, and we are prepared to train and invest in our staff.


Work Monday through Friday 7am to 4pm.

Detail-oriented – able to: make aesthetic design decisions, analyze faults, think through a process and foresee problems prior to execution, avoid careless behaviour.

Self-starter – take initiative in progressive steps on each project, self-directed.

Maintain a safe, clean, and tidy workspace; We takes pride in our company image.

Project a friendly, kind, and positive attitude regardless of how stressful some days may be. No one likes to work with unpleasant people and we take our company culture very seriously (although none of us are serious people).

Must be able to follow directions, work as a team, or as an individual.

Mechanical aptitude is a bonus.

Must take pride in work completed.

Duties, Responsibilities, and Qualifications


- Current driver’s license and clean driving record
- Cut and install insulation
- Fabricate components from scratch materials
- Assemble and install third-party components
- Upholster and install wall and door panels
- Perform detail cleaning of the exterior of vehicles including washing, windows, tires, wheels, etc.
- Perform detail cleaning of the interior of vehicles including kitchen unit, wall cabinets, stove, sink, garage, passenger areas, and all other interior compartments
- Meet schedule deadlines
- Test systems in the vehicle and verify proper operation
- Maintain a safe and clean work space
- Shop cleaning
- Additional shop duties as directed
- Knowledge of general construction practices
- Experience safely operating hand tools and power tools (drill press, grinders, table saw, circular saw, cutoff wheel, chop saw, pneumatic tools, sanders, jigsaw, spray adhesive, and other general shop tools)
- Read and understand production documentation: drawings, installation instructions, etc.
- Ask questions rather than make assumptions
- Prior planning and use of layout tools


- Install, diagnose, and repair mechanical components including appliances, roof vents, hatches and windows.
- Remove and install bumpers, roof racks, light bars, bike carriers, external storage options, ladders, awnings, crossbars, etc.
- Re-seal roof vents and hatches
- Install, diagnose, and repair diesel and gas heaters
- Cut through body panels to install windows, fans, solar systems, shore power plugs
- Assemble and install subcontracted components


- Install, diagnose and repair 110V AC wiring including inverters, shore power plugs
- Install, diagnose and repair 12V DC components and wiring including off road lights, interior lights, water pumps, relays, fans, batteries, charge controllers and all other DC components
- Construct and install 12V DC and 110V AC wiring harnesses
- Install solar kits and charging systems


- Install, diagnose and repair plumbing system including water pump, hot water heater, faucets, sink drains, plumbing and fittings, water tanks, drains and all other plumbing components

Skills and Knowledge:

- Knowledge and experience in mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems
- Experience in power tool operation (drills, grinders, reciprocating saws, etc....)
- Basic knowledge in welding and steel fabrication a plus
- Ability to learn quickly
- Ability to communicate effectively
- Willingness to learn and complete tasks correctly

Wage: Negotiable.

Benefits: Included (in effect post 3-month probation)

Job Type: Full time

Experience: General building 4+ years

Job Location: 5 minutes North of Prince Albert, SK

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