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Our Story

Paved to Pines started as an idea between two college roommates and best buds, Mitchell Rosko and Steven Glass.

We met playing college hockey in beautiful Castlegar, British Columbia. The outdoor focused Kootenay region and culture brought on our love of fishing, hiking, camping and everything else outdoors related which inevitably led us to find out about Vanlife and Skoolie conversions.

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The finer details...

"How cool would it be if we turned a School Bus into an RV?" was a conversation we often caught ourselves in after drinking a few.... root beers.. in College.

Fast forward one year after College, Paved to Pines Founder, Steven decided to make this a reality so he traded his motorcycle for a 1992 Blue Bird 40 Foot School Bus.

After countless weeknights and weekends building our first Skoolie (the DIY community knows what we're talking about), Judy was finally built and Steven was living the Skoolie life full-time!

Paved to Pines wasn't anything more than a pipe dream and a blank Facebook page while Steven and Mitchell founded a marketing company. 

While Steven was living in his school bus conversion, it didn't take long for the excitement to build. People started asking him if we could build them a camper from a bus, van, even ambulances. Some people also wondered what the heck he was doing living in a school bus..

Before we knew it, we had turned this pipe dream into a reality, working with people like you to make dream van conversions and school bus conversions come true.

We are now growing dynamic tight knit team that sings just about as much as we work.

Now that you've met us, introduce yourself and get in touch!

Judy was traded straight across for Stevens old motorcycle. A lot of memories were created building and living in this bus.

Countless late nights at the shop figuring out how to build this thing and even more adventuring, camping, and playing rock band and Call of Duty zombies with our buddies on the entertainment system setup at the front of the bus.

Paved To Pines is a small, yet, dynamic team, and together, our story and dream is to have fun building your van conversion or skoolie.

That is, after all, how we got started! Our dream is to build awesome adventure wagons that you can enjoy with your friends and family for years to come.

I can only assume you're not looking for an overpriced mass manufactured campervan with ridiculous colour palettes and non-functional layouts with accessories you don't need.

That is why you're reading this, right? You're looking for a custom sprinter van conversion, transit van conversion, or promaster conversion thats designed exactly for what you need it to do.

Or maybe you're looking to sell your home and live in a custom bus conversion.

When you work with us at Paved To Pines, you're getting something thats built with pride. You're getting something that you're proud to own.

We want to build you a skoolie or van conversion that you're so excited about, you've planned your next 10 adventures in advance.

Our tight-knit team takes pride in every single nail, screw and board put into your conversion just as if we were making our own once again. 

#Vanlife and school bus conversions aren't for everyone, sure.

But, if you're looking to experience this incredible planet in a one of a kind campervan, living a life filled with awesome stories and experiences you'll forever cherish, you're in the right place.

Contact us now to see if we're a good fit for eachother.


Mitchell, Steven, and the rest of the team here at Paved To Pines.

Paved To Pines is always keeping our eyes peeled for craftsmen to join our team.

If you're a guy or girl who loves to have fun, work with a dynamic team, and learn something new everyday, apply for our job openings or email us directly if you have more questions.

Our Team

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Whether you're from Timbucktoo or Tisdale, Saskatchewan, we can help you build your personal or commercial van conversion. Our team of experts helps deliver you a full turn-key custom van build from vehicle purchase to delivery.