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Mobile Medical Clinic Vans

Make health a priority by bringing it to everyone

What is a mobile medical van or outreach vehicle?

Universal healthcare is arguably the best part of living in Canada.

Mobile health clinics and outreach vehicles allow programs to better provide services for many hard to reach and vulnerable individuals often do not have access to these health care services.

Bringing health care to the client can improve health outcomes and trust in the health care system.

Mobile health vans can be used for addictions counselling, overdose prevention, harm reduction, mental health counselling, patient transportation, private health services, and on-site temporary medical clinics to provide a variety of other important services.

Outreach vehicles provide a mobile option for private treatment spaces and safe on-site working areas. Our mobile health clinics are designed with both practictioners and patients in mind.

Built on the Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter Chassis, you have All-Wheel-Drive as an option, so these specialty vans can provide healthcare options even to remote locations anywhere in Canada.

Mobile Health Solutions

Fully Equipped Medical Van

- Wash station
- Fridge
- Patient seating and bed
- Portable toilet with privacy screens
- Bright lighting
- Easy to clean surfaces

mobile medical clinic van
Mobile Medical Clinic in Canada
Seat up to 4

Flexible Seating

- Workstations
- Additional seating for more practictioners or patients
- Moveable swivel tables for flexibility.

Room for supplies

Robust Storage

- Lockable storage with labeling
- Equipment storage
- Private record storage
- Power storage
- Easy to clean and maintain

mobile medical van storage
Spend more time helping people

Off-Grid Capabilities

- Off-grid capabilities allowing you to help more people in remote locations without power supply
- Off-grid heat supply
- Off-grid Air Condition supply
- 4-season capabilities with climate control and insulation proven to help in Canadian weather

mobile health vans
Mobile Medical Clinic in Canada
mobile medical clinic van

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Mobile outreach vehicles allow health care to be delivered anywhere. Bringing health care to the client can improve health outcomes and trust in the health care system.

Hard to reach and vulnerable individuals often do not access services for various reason such as stigma, transportation, and health issues.

Providing a private mobile clinic to bring care and services such as private counselling, drug and overdose prevention, immunity and vaccination care, patient transportation, and other private health services can bridge the gap.

Mobile outreach and medical vans use it dependant on the organization. Oftentimes they are used by community support programs that bring medical and other outreach services to underserved communities.

The cost of a mobile medical van depends on the requirements and the vehicle chosen.

The total conversion, including the vehicle, can range anywhere from $120,000-$200,000.

If your community outreach program has a vehicle already, this price will be drastically reduced. Please contact us below with the details of your vehicle and requirements for a more accurate quote.

Timelines on delivering your mobile health clinic depends if you have the vehicle already or we are ordering one for you from the factory. Timelines can take anywhere from 3-12 months depending on availability.