Toronto Sprinter Van Conversion Builder

Camper van conversions, commercial van conversions, and more

Van conversions built in Saskatchewan and delivered to Toronto.

Toronto is one of the busiest places in Canada, it's a thriving metropolis with a need for van conversions of many types. Businesses need mobile van conversion solutions and people need a getaway to escape the concrete jungle.

Paved To Pines has been building van conversions for Toronto residents since 2018.

Short wheelbase Sprinter van conversions and pop-top campervans are the perfect van type for drivability and being nimble and getting from Queen Street to the off the grid.

Nowhere near us? No problem.

If you're outside of Saskatchewan, our team will help with all transportation paperwork and organization necessary for a smooth conversion from start to finish.

If you're a US client looking to have your dollar go farther, doing a sprinter van conversion or skoolie build north of the border is just as easy as working with a local company. We can deal with all of the logistics, including transportation and border paperwork.

If you already have a suitable van on-hand, simply contact us and we'll be ready to assist you.

Don't have a van? - Our limited inventory of Transit vans and Sprinters are available for purchase through our local Mercedes or Ford dealerships. We can also arrange transport so that your van can be delivered right to us with zero hassle!

Our current waitlist is roughly 6 months to start your build.

The average conversion takes 2-4 months depending on complexity.

There are opportunities to jump ahead as we have some spots reserved for rushed builds. This is a non-refundable fee.

We do have sporadic openings and this timeline changes often.

Please contact us regardless of your timeline and we will do our best to work with you on this project!

We offer completely custom van conversions and have three floorplans for campervans.

We specialize in Mercedes Sprinter van, Ford Transit, and Ram Promaster conversions, and have successfully built over 50 custom van conversions for clients across North America.

Whether you're looking for a recreational van conversion, a gear gauler van conversion, a jet van, or a mobile medical clinic and fleet solution, we're your team!

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We're not just a couple of guys building vans in our spare time.

Paved To Pines is a full-time operation with a full-team of highly qualified individuals that's been building van conversions for clients across North American since 2018.

We build out of a 5000 square foot shop in Northern Saskatchewan.

You can count on us to be there helping you out from start to finish and for years to come during your travels.


Custom Van Conversions

Campervans, transportation vans, gear haulers, limos, medical vehicles, you name it.

Escape the hustle and bustle of Toronto by swapping out the SUV for a AWD Sprinter Van conversion.

Three campervan

Spec Floorplans

We have three versatile and proven 'semi-custom' campervan layouts at a more affordable price than a fully custom van conversion.

Build your business

Commercial Van Conversions

Small business is the backbone of Toronto.

We're a full-scale van conversion shop that works with all types of businesses in Toronto. We can handle the vehicle procurement, the design, manufacturing, and deliver your campervan or commercial vehicle right to your door.

Contact us about a van conversion

Our team would love to answer all of your questions about your campervan conversion. We'd love to hear about your goals, where you're travelling, who and what you're travelling with, and any other information you have. We can even help you find a van to convert and give you a free estimate!

Conversion vans we work on:

sprinter van conversions

Mercedes Benz Sprinter van conversions

144" + 170" + 170" WHEELBASE OPTIONS
ford transit van conversion

Ford Transit van conversions

148" + 148" EXT Wheelbase options
promaster van conversion for sale

Ram Promaster van conversions

136" + 159" + 159" EXT WHEELBASE OPTIONS

Poptop conversions

Mercedes Metris & Ford Transit Connect conversions

We've converted over 50 custom adventure vehicles.

See our previous van conversions