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School Bus Conversion

The Doghouse

A school bus camper built for Firefighter, Entrepreneur, & Dog Lover, Christian! Christian has big plans for his skoolie that include full-time tiny home living, travel, and wine tours/catering!

This skoolie is built on a 38' Thomas Built Chassis. The converted school bus has a kitchen, living area with full-on entertainment systems, a full bathroom, and queen size bedroom.

We aimed to provide a cozy, functional space, with room for everyday life, lots of friends, and of course, Christians dogs! This skoolie has an RV solar power that includes solar panels, a 2000 watt inverter, 200 aH battery bank, 12v LED strips & Edison lighting, pumped water with a hard plumbed system, and full RV propane appliances.

With clean lines, lots of windows, and bright walls, this space offers a chic modern feel with a rustic flair and it makes this 300 sq ft home feel much bigger then it really is.

The small space is really tied together with the custom curtains, Edison wall sconces, and black iron pipe to add the rustic flare.

The skoolie kitchen layout offers ample storage, featuring a full apron sink, a Dometic oven & propane stove, with an apartment size fridge. You wouldn't even think you're in a bus conversion; with all of the amenities, it's a tiny home on wheels!

The Oak butcher block countertops contrast the white cabinets perfectly while offering a ton of counter space to cook and set up your RV kitchen when you're parked.

Our favorite part of this skoolie is the matching Acacia wood dinette table and bar top. With Christians catering experience it was vital to offer a space where he could cook and host for friends and family.

Love the look of this bus so far?? Contact us and we can give you a free quote on a school bus or van conversion of your own!

As you enter "The Doghouse", the first thing your eyes land on is the faux brick feature wall and stained pine tongue and groove roof!

The front of the converted school bus seats 3-4 adults on custom cushions, wrapped around the entertainment unit and 32" TV. Can't go wrong with a movie on rainy days!

The place is wired with a full Kenwood surround system with 8 speakers, dual amps, and a 10" built-in sub. Custom curtains, Edison wall sconces, and black iron pipe and the rustic flare.

Topping the bar off is a custom CNC plexiglass piece highlighting "The Doghouse" with changeable LED lights illuminating the feature wall.

The skoolie dinette offers a great eating nook with tons more seating for potential wine tours & hosting! You also get a glimpse of the luxury vinyl planks that tie the floor and roof nicely together. We went with the vinyl planking because it's tough, waterproof, and comes in a variety of colours.

With Christian being a recognized Toronto Firefighter, we wanted to tie in his profession with the matte black hydrant style faucet, sconces, and black iron rods to hold the upper storage.

The full-size fridge from Dometic is powered by standard shore power or propane gas, allowing full off-grid capability with the solar panels & battery bank running all of the lights. This unit also charges off the alternator when the bus is running so you never have to worry about your batteries dying if mother nature isn't on your side.

The oven is a Dometic 21" propane oven and cooktop with ample cooking space that allows you to cook just as if you were at home

Love the look of this bus so far?? Contact us and we can give you a free quote on a school bus or van conversion of your own!

The bathroom features a full walk-in surround RV shower wrapped in 3x6 white ceramic subway tiles with black grout to make it a high profile pop with a bold look.

Immediately across from the shower is storage for bathroom supplies, a window, and Dometic RV flush toilet.

We normally go with the Naturehead Composting toilet, but this build could be used as a fulltime home on a beautiful piece of land so Christian wanted the Dometic RV toilet with a black tank he could empty a little easier with hookups.

The bedroom features a queen-size bed, hiding all the RV utilities like a large freshwater tank, battery bank, and hot water heater.

Who would like to wake up in this bedroom with full surround windows!

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Why would I buy an old run-down school bus and convert it?

It doesn't have to be an old vehicle, we convert new vans and buses as well.

We will convert (almost) anything you bring us as long as it runs well and will last you a long time! The last thing we want to do is build you your dream camper and have the vehicle give you nothing but troubles.

Where do i find a vehicle?

We can help you find the vehicle/find one for you!

We have developed great partnerships to provide well maintained new and used vans and buses!

We can even pick your vehicle up and deliver it if that makes your life easier.

Do you do the mechanical work?

Our shop does NOT touch the mechanical work on the vehicle, that includes suspension lifts etc.

We contract out the mechanical work with people that we know and trust to do the work properly so you are 100% satisfied with the conversion/mechanical work that needs to be done.

I don't live anywhere near Saskatchewan… Can I still have a build done by you?

Absolutely, we work with clients from all over the world.

We can also bring your vehicle to our shop and drop it off to make the full process as convenient for you as possible.

What's the average build time?

The average build takes 2-4 months, depending on the complexity, as every build is custom made to your satisfaction.

These layouts seem complex, can you plan it all for me?

We can literally handle everything for you from the sourcing of the vehicle, to the planning of the layouts, to the delivery of the vehicle!

You can also be as hands on as you want from bringing us the vehicle, to giving us a layout (or ideas) to make happen to picking up the vehicle!

What Kind of cool stuff can i have in my conversion?

The options are really unlimited from design options to additional luxuries.

  • Custom cabinetry and storage
  • Solar Power
  • Fully plumbed systems & showers
  • Awnings
  • Roof racks
  • Audio upgrade/entertainment systems
  • Bunk beds
  • Roof top decks
  • Additional belly storage
  • Roof raises/pop-tops
  • Toy & gear haulers
  • Heating, air conditioners & fans
  • Full Kitchens (full sized fridges, ovens
  • and more.

If you can dream it, let's make it happen!