Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most asked questions we get everyday! If you have any more questions, contact us!

Our current waitlist is roughly 6 months to start your build.

The average conversion takes 2-4 months depending on complexity.

There are opportunities to jump ahead as we have some spots reserved for rushed builds. This is a non-refundable fee.

We do have sporatic openings and this timeline changes often.

Please contact us regardless of your timeline and we will do our best to work with you on this project!

Nowhere near us? No problem.

If you're outside of Saskatchewan, our team will help with all transportation paperwork and organization necessary for a smooth conversion from start to finish.

If you're a US client looking to have your dollar go farther, doing a sprinter van conversion or skoolie build north of the border is just as easy as working with a local company. We can deal with all of the logistics, including transportation and border paperwork. All you have to do is tell us what you want in your adventure rig.

Paved To Pines builds adventure vehicles for clients across Canada and the USA.

Oh... Do we have the page just for you!

Click here to see our entire process.

Deposits are $2,500 CAD to enter our build lineup.

There are also abilities to pay an additional fee to jump up into the lineup.

Like the deposits, these are also non-refundable.

Check out our entire process by clicking here.

The average build takes 4-6 months, depending on the complexity, as every build is custom made to your satisfaction.

We start with 2D layouts, move to 3D renderings, then start the building process once approved!

This is somewhat of a hard question to answer! Prices of materials fluctuate.

All of our prices do not include the cost of the vehicle.

We've done conversions ranging from $40,000-$200,000 CAD.

The average cost of our off-grid 4-season van conversions is $90,000-$150,000 CAD not including the cost of the van.

In reality, every custom conversion is different. If you are genuinely interested in getting a rough quote for your own, contact us - quotes are free!

This is a complicated question. The short answer is maybe.

Canadian clients:
Van conversions: Yes we do we can finance some of your build!  If you are looking for financing options, let us know in the notes.
You might require a down payment.

USA clients: We don't currently have any in house financing options for the USA. This is something we are constantly looking into but as we are located in Canada, we cannot partner with USA banks. We have had some people have success with - their motto is financing for just about anything! haha.

Try lightstream or your bank and let us know what kind of information you get!

New vehicles are always easier to find! Sprinter van conversions, Ford Transit van conversions, and Promasters can all be ordered from our local dealerships as we have great partnerships with them!

If you're looking for a used vehicle, Kijiji/Craigslist, auto-trader, dealerships and other fleet companies are all great options.

We can help you find the vehicle/find one for you!

We have developed great partnerships to provide well maintained new and used vans and buses!

Check out our blog to see what we recommend when you're buying a van or used bus to convert.

Van conversions (What van to buy & with what options)

No we don't perform any mechanical work on any of the conversions.

We have reputable mechanics who we've developed long-term relationships with that we trust. They ensure your skoolie or van conversion are 100% when it leaves their shop.

We recommend paying some additional money to get your vehicle (especially a used bus) inspected with our local team to ensure its 100% in great condition before the conversion.

We can literally handle everything for you from the sourcing of the vehicle, to the planning of the layouts, to the delivery of the vehicle!

You can also be as hands on as you want from bringing us the conversion van, layout and design ideas, or letting us handle everything for you!

We offer a 1 year full coverage build warranty for all defects cause by Paved To Pines manufacturing.

All of the products installed into the RV will come with their own manufacturers warranty as well.

If you would like to read a more comprehensive document on our warranty, please click here.

Ecommerce Policies

For all of our goodies and DIY products that you can buy for your school bus or van conversion projects.

It really depends on the product. If it is a manufactured product by GoPower or Dometic or things of that nature, they can generally be shipping out as fast as we get a proper shipping quote and you pay any additional shipping/freight charges necessary!

For homemade one off goods like window covers and netting it can take up to 4-6 weeks before the product gets shipped to you!

We are not an e-commerce brand with a regular return policy etc as we are distributing other manufacturers products and sometimes dropshipping them.

If for some reason you need to return the product, reach out to us at and we can help point you in the right direction!

If you are returning our own products that we have made (window blinds), please email the same contact as above.

No returns after 30 days.