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Van conversions built on all major chassis', delivered anywhere in Canada and the USA.

Paved To Pines is the go-to shop for custom van conversions in Canada. Located in the prairies of Saskatchewan, we specialize in Mercedes Sprinter van, Ford Transit, and Ram Promaster conversions, and have successfully converted over 40 vans for clients across North America.

If you already have a suitable van on-hand, simply contact us and we'll be ready to assist you.

Don't have a van? - Our limited inventory of Transit vans and Sprinters are available for purchase through our local Mercedes or Ford dealerships. We can also arrange transport so that your van can be delivered right to us with zero hassle!

For our US customers looking to save more money by going north of the border, Paved To Pines has got you covered. Our team will take care of all transportation paperwork and organization so that you don't have to lift a finger throughout the conversion process.

Get your custom campervan from Paved To Pines today - we guarantee a smooth journey from design to delivery!

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Fully Custom Vans

Have big ideas? We have a big shop and a team ready to help make those vanlife ideas and dreams come true!

We offer fully custom van conversions on all three chassis'.

Semi-Custom Vans

We have three versatile and proven 'semi-custom' campervan layouts at a more affordable price than a fully custom van conversion.

If you don't know exactly what you want or this custom process is overwhelming, ask us about our layout options.

Hit the Road

We're a full-scale conversion shop that's designed and built custom van conversions and commercial vehicles since 2018.

We can handle the vehicle procurement, the design, manufacturing, and deliver your campervan or commercial vehicle right to your door.

Conversion vans we work on:

sprinter van conversions

Mercedes Benz Sprinter van conversions

144" + 170" + 170" WHEELBASE OPTIONS

Is the Mercedes Sprinter van a good campervan?

The 4x4 144" Sprinter Van is arguably most popular conversion van on the market today.

The classic Mercedes look combined with the Sprinters sleek design, reputable diesel engine, and the 4x4 option have made it the best selling conversion van for years.

It looks great as a stock van and even better when it's beefed up with aftermarket accessories like roof racks, lift kits, and new rims and tires.

Sprinter vans offer the longest available option for convertable space which can be critical when designing your campervan layout.

The 170" and 170" EXT can comfortable fit additional seating and sleeping arrangements for a family or just pack a punch for extra storage and gear hauling.

Interested in hearing more about the Mercedes Sprinter van and why it's a campervan favourite?

ford transit van conversion

Ford Transit van conversions

148" + 148" EXT Wheelbase options

Is the Ford Transit van a good campervan?

The Ford Transit has taken the campervan world by storm with their new AWD drivetrain. For a long time, the Mercedes Sprinter was the only van capable of 4x4 or AWD from the factory.

Up until 2020, you needed to have an aftermarket 4x4 conversion done on your Ford Transit campervan if you wanted to reach the road less travelled.

Since 2020, Ford has carved their path and quickly become our favourite van to convert into an adventure vehicle.

The Transit boasts the tallest interior room coming in at 81.5 inches, or nearly 6'8".

The tall conversion van offers one wheelbase option and two different lengths in their high roof model and a lot of new aftermarket accessories that we can add for you during your van conversion.

Interested in learning more about why the Ford Transit van is our favourite van to convert?

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Ram Promaster van conversions

136" + 159" + 159" EXT WHEELBASE OPTIONS

Is the Ram Promaster van a good campervan?

The Ram Promaster is the third most popular van conversion chassis on the market.

This is the only van that doesn't offer an AWD or 4x4 option and some would say that it has a. face only a mother could love. I think it looks a bit like a Fly with tires.

However, when you have an awesome paint job, throw some aftermarket accessories on it, and the interior is turned into a beautiful and functional campervan, they are still great vans.

Additionally, the biggest benefit of doing a Ram Promaster conversion is the cost benefit. They are the most affordable van you can buy from the factory.

Interested in learning more about why people convert Ram Promasters?

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Micro van conversions

Mercedes Metris & Ford Transit Connect conversions

Are Ford Transit Connects & Mercedes Metris good campervan options?

These two smaller cargo van options, from Mercedes and Ford, can become amazing micro campervans. They're functional, fuel efficient, and, perhaps more importantly to you, come in at around half the cost as their bigger counterparts.

Of course, at have the price, you're also getting less than half of the space to create your van conversion interior. For you, that might not be a problem at all.

There are some creative ways to add space to these micro campers. By adding rooftop tents and poptop sleeping areas, you have majority of the vans interior for storage, seating, kitchen space, and other functionality.

Without that full standing height, you can opt for pull-out drawers and kitchens that are accessible from the rear of the van.

Not sure what van is right for you?

Our team would love to answer all of your questions about your campervan conversion. We'd love to hear about your goals, where you're travelling, who and what you're travelling with, and any other information you have. We can even help you find a van to convert and give you a free estimate!

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We've converted over 35 custom adventure vehicles.

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