Sprinter Van Conversion

Sprinter van conversions for sale.

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For Sale
144" 2WD Sprinter Van

Arriving in December 2022 or Early January 2023.

Available for conversion

Contact us at the bottom of the page for the specs.

144 sprinter van for sale in canada
Van conversion for sale

Design Your Own

Have big ideas? We have a big shop and a team ready to help make those ideas and dreams come true!

We offer fully custom van conversions on all three chassis'.

sprinter van conversions

Pick a Layout

We're coming out with three versatile and proven layout options for our van conversions that are at a more affordable price than fully custom.

If you don't know exactly what you want, these can be a great option

ford transit van conversion

Hit the Road

We're a full-scale conversion shop. We can handle the vehicle procurement, like the above vehicles for sale, the design, manufacturing, and delivery to your door.

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Paved To Pines is a Canadian van conversion company that works with clients all over Canada and the USA. We've built over 35 custom vehicles over 4 years.

These vans are arriving in Canada and are for sale if you're doing a van conversion with us. Custom van conversions and spec layouts are available.