159" WB Promaster Conversion


This van conversion is built to be off-grid for as long as possible. Powered by VOLTA, this conversion has 13.5 kWhr of battery storage, this equals out to having roughly 14x100 amp hour lithium ion batteries or 25x100 AGM batteries. Talk about virtually unlimited power when you combine it with the three different charging techniques. This unit charges via 380 watts of solar, shore power, and has its own heavy duty alternator also from VOLTA that comes as a complete kit.

The kit also includes a high efficiency 3600 watt pure sine inverter with the capability of running two RV air conditioners at once to keep you cozy in your van no matter what mother natures throws at you.

For additional charging, the VOLTA kit comes with a custom 58V alternator that charges at 4x the speed a traditional 12v alternator would, theoretically giving this vans power system a built in generator anytime you turn your van on due to the built in high idle setting!

Additional to the off-grid systems for this van, we have an enclosed aluminum shower setup with a thetford flush toilet and a nautilus self cleaning shower door built specifically for RVs.

Staying off-grid in a van conversion for extended periods of time you're going to need a lot of storage, good cooking capabilities and a spot to relax after a long day on the trails. Rocky the Promaster has it all and then some.

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